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Blown film

Biopolymers for compostable films

Extrusion of blown films is a continuous operation of melting one or more polymers through a circular matrix to form a hollow tube.

BIOINCOM has developed a number of biopolymers specifically for the extrusion of blown films.

EsoRo biopolymers can be treated with conventional PE and PP extrusion lines and can be adapted to any blown film processing technology for both single-layer and multilayer films.

Due to its properties, composting and content of biological basis, EsoRo biopolymers are the best choice of raw materials for retail bags, bags for fruits and vegetables, food packaging, as well as for mulching film.



EcoPo biopolymers are biodegradable and composted.
EcoPo biopolymers comply with EU standards EN13432, which ensures complete composition of the film.
Under the new sustainability legislation, EcoPo biopolymers comply with HOME Compost certification.
Agricultural films based on EcoPo are biodegradable in the soil in accordance with the European standard EN 17033, ensuring proper biological degradation in the field without harming the environment.
The product range of EcoPo biopolymers offers a variety of varieties with different flexibility and technical properties to replace conventional transparent polymers, such as PE or PP, to maintain the quality of food products with an environmentally friendly approach.


  • Available transparent varieties

  • Composite solution for multilayer film

  • Good properties of the film for transportation

  • Meet EC standards for food contact

  • Certification of home compost

  • Films of small thickness

  • Different brands are available for agricultural film, depending on the duration of the harvest

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