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The injection molding method produces more than third of the total products volume made of polymeric materials. Due to the high productivity and high cost of the equipment mainly used in large-scale and mass production of plastic products. Raw materials for casting are granules of thermoplastics.
The product range of EcoPo® Biopolymers offer the similar properties to the petroleum-based plastics, also add a great advantage to composting.
Disposable food item trays, bowls, plates, cups and cutlery, coffee capsules or various products used in agriculture are safe and convenient.


EcoPo products complies with international composting standards.
Injectable brands of
EcoPo biopolymers are biologically based polymers with a renewable energy content from 40 to 85%, and they can be processed in conventional equipment for polyolefins.


  • Available in high and low viscosity

  • High content of bio-base

  • Certificate OK compost

  • High temperature (HT) resistance classes

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