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World class standards

The European standard of compatibility of packing (EN 13432) demands 4 tests:

  1. Biodegradation test. Chemical decomposition of materials into CO2, water and minerals. According to the standard, at least 90% of the material must be broken down by biological action within 6 months.

  2. Tests for the content of heavy metals. Volatiles> 50%, heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr, Mo, Se, As) and fluorine below the limit.

  3. Disintegration test. Physical decomposition of the product into small fragments.

Ecotoxicity test. Measures if the composite product does not have a negative effect on plants.


EcoPo biopolymers meet international standards for composting and biobase content.



The entire range of EsoRo® biopolymers is suitable for food contact in accordance with European Regulation 10/2011.



EcoPo biopolymer brands for film mulching meet the European standard to guarantee complete biodegradability in the soil without harming the environment.

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